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8 Ideas to Impress the Gourmet of your Home-World Food Day Special

Have you ever dreamt of treating your gourmet family with the best delicious food right from your modular kitchen? Even if you had never thought about much earlier, then stop to worry. The World Food Day is just the corner, a golden opportunity in front of you, grab it, and make the best use of it.

Are you Wondering to impress the food lovers of your home? We have come up with a unique, and easily possible to-do list of ideas which when you implement your food lovers at home are going to be loving it forever.

1. Breakfast Buffet Corner

Begin your morning with a healthy start at your breakfast buffet corner in your modular kitchen is a perfect place for it.

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2. Kitchen Island – the place to prep your meals

Utilize the most available working area in the modular kitchen, your meal prep station is where you chop the veggies and fruits. Additionally, use to store dry fruits is classy glass containers which will attract the eyes of your family members and guess what it may tend them you have a bite.

3. Turn your Countertop into snacks arena

Yes, Snack it up! Don’t worry. You can always go the healthy way for this. Pick the least used corner of the Countertop little away from the cooking area and place beautiful and attractive containers with healthy homemade cookies or cakes or even stack them with nuts and dry fruits with a signboard just above them. Your kids will halt by the snacks arena to snack it up.

4. Tea or Coffee Station – The Peace Corner

Preparing a coffee or tea station in your modular kitchen is the best way to treat yourself with some peacetime. An easily accessible part of the L-shaped or Parallel Kitchen Countertop is the best choice for setting this up.

5. Cafe’ at Home

An evening spent with a cup of tea or coffee is the best part of the day.

Why miss it out? Turn your Breakfast Buffet into a cafe by placing a scented candle, table napkins, and decorate with small indoor plants and play your family’s favourite Song. Cafe’ at home is set ready.

6. Dessert Station

Setting up a dessert station is the easiest one. You can either go for refrigeration desserts and other deserts. If opting for dry desserts, then an open rack in your modular kitchen is the best place for it.

7. Dine like in a Restaurant

For a restaurant-like feel, do not attempt overdoing anything. A simple Indian Cuisine Dinner at your dining table will serve the purpose.

8. Bake it to make it

Try something crazy, and yet healthy a homemade wheat-based cake is a healthy choice. When you place the oven in a modular kitchen in a perfect position, baking is a cakewalk.

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With these 8 ideas make the World Food Day a memorable and a Cherishing food feast day to your family and stay healthy. This is the best opportunity to give your loved ones the best modular kitchen which they might be yearning for. Why delay? Get your Kitchen revamped into a modular kitchen with best designers and exclusively with a 45-day delivery assured and 10 years warranty. DEQUALITA, an End-to-End Modular Kitchen Interior Design Solution at a price you can afford and quality assured at its best. To know more Schedule an Appointment with us.